About NCTC

NCTC Performing Arts Theatre provides quality entertainment and hands-on educational programs in the performing arts to children and young adults from preschool through college. Home of Newington Children’s Theatre Company, NCTC is Connecticut’s oldest operating children’s theatre. Founded in 1963 as a town program, the company became an independent nonprofit organization in 2002. Its flagship program, the NCTC Touring Company, is the only one of its kind in Connecticut, and gives its young cast the opportunity each year to tour a fully-staged musical to audiences throughout the state. Productions, summer programs, and professionally-taught classes in theatre, dance, and music offer something for any child. NCTC operates its own performance, rehearsal and educational facility in Newington, including a 110-seat black box theatre.


The mission of NCTC is realized with two primary goals in mind. The first is to provide hands-on educational opportunities in the performing arts for children and young adults, thereby fostering teamwork and commitment, encouraging self-discipline, developing self-esteem and self-confidence, and inspiring creativity and an appreciation for the arts. The second is to provide families throughout Connecticut with opportunities to experience quality live theatre at affordable prices.


In 1963, Newington Children’s Theatre Company (NCTC) was formed by the Newington Parks and Recreation Department as a creative program for the town’s young residents.  In succeeding years, the program grew in scope and participation.  It involved hundreds of young theatre artists, technicians and volunteers, and entertained thousands of audience members by touring throughout Connecticut, as well as in New Hampshire, Vermont, New Jersey, and Virginia.

In 2002, after nearly forty years of operation as a town program, a dedicated group of longtime volunteers realized that in order for the program to grow and flourish, it was necessary to break away from the town and become an independent non-profit educational organization.  With the blessing of the town, the current NCTC was incorporated and received non-profit recognition. In 2009, the theatre changed its operating name to NCTC Performing Arts Theatre. The name change recognizes that several of NCTC’s older participants are young adults and not children; it also recognizes that so many program participants come from outside Newington. The new name acknowledges the theatre’s successful history as Newington Children’s Theatre Company, but also looks to the future as it becomes far more than its founders ever envisioned.

Today, NCTC is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors, many of whom have contributed their time and talents for years, and who are committed with the staff to presenting the best in children’s theatre.

For more information, contact the company at (860) 666-6282 or visit www.nctcarts.org.


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